High Frequency And High



This product is a special modified epoxy resin as the matrix material, quartz glass fiber cloth as the reinforcing material, and a special-shaped glass steel radome made by hand lay-up and moulding. Has extremely high mechanical properties and extremely high wave transmission rate.


Wave-transmitting materials are usually divided into two categories: one is fiber-reinforced organic heat-resistant resin-based composite materials; the other is inorganic materials, such as alumina, silica, glass ceramics, silicon nitride, boron nitride, and so on. With the development of high-load, high-speed tactical missiles, organic heat-resistant resin-based composite materials are often used as wave-transmitting materials. Military ultra-high frequency radar glass steel cover requires stable signal under very high frequency (30G-300GHz) electromagnetic wave conditions, and the transmittance is above 90%. The traditional epoxy resin-based glass steel cover is mainly used in MHz level, which can no longer meet the requirements. . As the radar carrying band expands from ordinary single frequency to broadband and ultra-high frequency, ultra-high frequency and high-transmitting materials can meet the requirements.

Technical indicators:




Ordinary epoxy glass steel cover

High transparent glass steel cover


Transmission rate




Azimuth AR




Pitch AR





Side valve
Horizontal wave width






Pitch wave width




Zero depth


≦2.74d B


















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