Announcement of winning bid

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Sichuan Glass Fiber Group Co., Ltd. invited the tender for the equity reform assets audit service project, and the tender work was conducted on June 21, 2022. 30 The project was carried out as scheduled in Conference Room 101 of Sichuan Glass Fiber Group Co., LTD. The randomly selected evaluation committee conducted a careful and responsible evaluation according to the requirements of the bidding documents and legal procedures. Now the evaluation work has been successfully concluded, and the evaluation committee reported to the company decision meeting to confirm the winning result as follows:

Project name: Share reform audit service project of Sichuan Glass Fiber Group Co., LTD

Winning bidder: Chengdu Branch of Zhonghui Accounting Firm (Special General Partnership)

Publicity period: June 21, 2022 to June 23, 2022

Supervision Department: Discipline Inspection and Supervision Department (0838-3121481-292)


If you have any comments on the bidding result, please reflect to the supervision department of our company during the publicity period. It is hereby publicized.


Sichuan glass Fiber Group Co., LTD

On June 21, 2022