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Sichuan Glass Fiber Group Co.,Ltd.recently conducted an open competition on the bidding section of the first phase of the Inorganic non-metallic Materials Industrial Park Fiber products project-Workshop air conditioning delivery and return air system,and the competition was held at 08:00 on June 2,2022:30 In conference room 103 of Sichuan Glass Fiber Group Co., scheduled,the review committee established according to law conducted a careful and responsible review in accordance with the requirements of the selection documents and legal procedures,and now the review work has been successfully concluded,the review committee according to the provisions of the selection documents,and reported to the company's bidding work leading group meeting to confirm the successful selection results as follows:

Project name:Inorganic non-metallic materials Industrial Park fiber products project phase I project-workshop air conditioning delivery,return air system bid section

Project number:ZB-WJF2022010

Selected unit:Wuhan Luojia Air Conditioning Engineering Co.,LTD

Publicity period:June 7,2022 to June 11,2022

Supervision Department:Discipline Inspection and Supervision Department(0838-3121481-292)

If you have any comments on the selected results,please reflect to our supervision department during the publicity period.

It is hereby publicized.

Sichuan glass fiber group co.,LTD

On June 7,2022