Announcement of the selection of workshop air conditioning delivery and return air system (second)

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Sichuan Glass Fiber Group Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Bi"), due to work needs, intends to use an open selection method to select the construction side of the workshop air conditioning delivery and return air system, and the relevant matters are announced as follows:

I. Project overview and bidding scope

(1) Project location: Guangming Road, Jinshan Industrial Park, Luojiang Economic Development Zone, Deyang City

(2) Construction content and scale: The workshop air conditioning delivery and return air system of the first phase of the fiber products project of Inorganic non-metallic materials Industrial Park of Sichuan Glass Fiber Group Co., LTD.

(III) Planned duration: The installation and commissioning will be completed within 45 calendar days after the notification of the competitor.

(4) Scope of selection: procurement and installation of air conditioning delivery and return air system and supporting equipment in the workshop of this project; Including the supply, installation, commissioning, data delivery, acceptance, training, after-sales service, defect treatment, maintenance and free maintenance services during the defect responsibility period from the fire valve (excluding fire valve) at the outlet of the plenum in each air conditioning room to all the supply and return air pipes, air valves, diffusers, swirling air outlets and support hangers in the workshop, including the deepening design of drawings. For details, see all contents of the project quantity list and construction drawings.

(5) Division of bid sections: one bid section.

2. Qualification requirements for candidates

(1) This contest requires candidates to have

1. The business license of the establishment of the unit has been approved by the corresponding state department.

2, with the sales workshop air conditioning delivery, return air system and provide the necessary qualifications for maintenance technology, with the ability to fulfill the requirements of this comparison.

3. The project does not accept joint ventures.

4. Subcontracting is not allowed for this project.

5, dealers or agents to participate in the bidding must obtain a unique authorization.

6, participants should have construction mechanical and electrical installation engineering professional contracting level 3 and above installation qualifications.

(2) Performance requirements:

From January 1, 2019 to the deadline for selection, the units participating in the bidding shall provide no less than one copy of the manufacturer's performance contract in a similar industry. Similar industry performance refers to the procurement and installation performance of workshop air conditioning delivery and return air system and supporting equipment (scanned copies of the original contract are provided, and the performance time is subject to the contract signing time).

(3) Qualification requirements of project manager (project leader) : mechanical and electrical installation grade II and above construction engineer, with intermediate title of mechanical and electrical engineering and B certificate of safety production assessment, did not serve as project manager in other unfinished projects when bidding for this project, and shall not serve as project manager in other projects from the election to the completion of the project.

(4) Qualification requirements for the technical person in charge; Have more than 2 years of work experience in the installation and construction technical management of fiber fabric duct and have related professional junior engineer certificate or above.

Third, the acquisition of selected files

3.1 Candidates who are interested in participating in the contest, please stamp the letter of voluntary participation (see Annex 1) and email it to us (contact person: Ms. Tang, contact number:) from 00:00 on May 6, 2022 to 23:59 on May 10, 2022 (Beijing time, the same below). 0838-3121481-482, email:, those who fail to register after the deadline will not be able to register and obtain the selection documents.

3.2 During registration, candidates shall provide the copy or scan of the business license, the copy or scan of the ID card of the legal representative, the letter of authorization of the legal representative (Attachment 2) and the copy or scan of the ID card of the entrusted agent. The above documents shall be stamped with the official seal and sent to the designated email address

3.3 How to obtain: If the applicant is qualified after examination, the candidate will send the selection document to the registration mailbox; If the applicant fails to pass the examination, the candidate will not send out the selection document, and has the right to choose to reply or not reply to the email notification. The time to obtain the competition documents is the same as the registration time. This is the only way to obtain the competition documents.

4. Submission of election documents

4.1 The deadline for submission of candidacy documents is 14:30 on May 20, 2022. The applicant shall submit the sealed documents to the candidate by mail.

4.2 Time of this contest: the deadline for submission of candidacy documents, venue: Conference Room 103, Office building, Sichuan Glass Fiber Group Co., LTD.

4.3 Candidates will not accept any overdue documents or documents that have not been delivered to the designated place.

5. Selection method

Comprehensive scoring method (see "Selection Document" for details)

6. Media for announcement

The announcement of the selection was published on the portal website of Sichuan Glass Fiber Group Co., LTD.

7. Contact information

Candidate: Sichuan Glass Fiber Group Co., LTD

Address: No. 39 Jingle South Road, Luojiang District, Deyang City

Contact: Ms. Tang

Tel: 0838-3121481-482

Sichuan glass fiber group co., LTD

On May 6, 2022

Annex 1:

Letter of candidacy

Sichuan Glass Fiber Group Co., LTD. :

After our research, we decided to participate in this open competition and accept the relevant requirements of your company's "Inorganic Non-metallic Materials Industrial Park Fiber Products Project Phase I Project - Workshop air conditioning delivery and return air system bid section" competition.


Unit name: (seal)


Year month day

Annex 2: The legal representative entrusts an agent to run for election

Letter of authorization of legal representative

This power of attorney states: The legal representative of the I, is authorized to sign for our company (agency) entrusted agent, in the name of the company (agency) to "inorganic non-metallic materials industrial park the first phase of fibre products project -- workshop air conditioning to bid, return air system" than the selected activity. My company and I acknowledge and assume all rights and obligations arising from all the documents signed by the entrusted agent in the process of the competition and the negotiation of the entrusted agent contract.

The entrusted agent has no right to delegate.

Hereby entrusted.

Attached: Copies of the ID cards of the legal representative and the authorized agent (both sides) with the official seal.

Entrusted Agent: Gender: Age: Position:

Legal Representative (signature) :

Entrusted agent (signature) :

Authorized unit: (seal)

(date) (month) (year)

Annex 3: The legal representative shall stand for election in person instead of by proxy

Legal representative identity certificate

Name of the candidate:

Nature of the unit:


Established time:

Operating period:

Name: Gender: Age: Position:

Is the legal representative of (candidate name).

This is to certify.

Attached: Copy of the legal representative's ID card (double-sided) copy with official seal.

Candidate: (the unit)

Legal representative: (signature or stamp)

Year month day