Leader's speech

        Dear friends:

        Welcome to Sichuan Fiber Glass Co., Ltd. Web!

        Our company is a state-owned company and specializes in glass fiber producing. It is the founder and leader of glass fiber industry in Southwest China, and has become the production base of glass fiber materials for electrical and electronic industry. These products are widely used in electronics, electrical, environmental protection, construction, aerospace, defense military and other industry departments.

        Based on the core values of “ Teamwork, Creation, Success in Enterprise for self-success” , our company is always obedience to the enterprise mission of “Rich Employee, Self-success, Reciprocate the society” and developing the enterprise spirits of “Sincerity, Hardwork, Persistence, Never Relaxation”,  which makes our company always stand in front of other glass fiber companies although the market is changing and competing.

        In recent years, our company took the rapid development opportunity of electronic information industry, combined introduction, digestion and self innovation, and strived to create the glass fiber fabric processing bases in China in order to provide high quality base material for electronic information industry.

        Forty years of hard work made us create brilliant achievements, forty years of standing together made us now step up from beginning. We feel heavy responsibility to build “One hundred Sichuan Fiber Glass ” and to ensure our company evergreen . In the future development, we will continue to forge ahead, keep the passion forever, go beyond ourselves, step over the new height and march toward new milestone.

        We believe we will keep forward in competitive glass fiber industry as long as we adhere to our company strategic objectives, fully develop our advantages, and go the way of our characteration.

        We firmly believe that each friends of our company will overcome all obstacles and acquire brilliant achievements on the road of life and career. We’d like to go forward together hand in hand with all our friends.

        Kindly let me take this opportunity, on behalf of all staff , to sincerely express my thanks and best wishes to our friends and clients giving us cares and patronages from beginning to end!


        The President and general manager:杨万嘉