Group Outlook


        The Twelfth Five-Year Guideline

        1.Guiding ideology

        To adhere to the people-oriented scientific outlook on development, outstand structure adjustment, upgrade products, strength new product development, change the economic growth mode and innovate corporate governance structure, which makes our company keep sustained and stable development and form the core competitiveness of our company.

        2.Company positioning

        To adhere to develop and produce inorganic nonmetallic materials, and base on manufacturing middle-and-high-grade electronic glass fiber cloth, special glass fiber and electrical insulation glass fiber, our company aims to form series of glass fiber products from yarn and cloth and to make professional, differential and serial glass fiber deep-processing base.

        3.Develop priority

        3.1 Stressing on constructing Sichuan Glass Fiber Industrial Zone, we will make good layout and project construction.

        3.2 We will make and implement talent strategy in the light of corporate business development.

        3.3 We will constructed the system of company technology research and development and build a technical center of provincial level.

        3.4 We will emphasize on deep processing glass fiber products in order to cultivate a new profit growth point.

        3.5 We will work hard to adjust product structure by cutting down marble-melt bushing so as to close down backward productivity.

        3.6 We will speed up the progress of housing reconstruction after earthquake.

        4Strategic objective

           After five years hard work, we will make us become an important and large research, development, and production base of inorganic nonmetallic materials base in China for electronic glass fiber, special glass fiber, electrical insulating glass fiber and middle-and-high-grade optical glass.