About US

        Sichuan Fiber Glass Co., Ltd. , moved from Shanghai to Deyang Sichuan province in 1960’s,  is the founder and leader of glass fiber industry in Southwest .

        The company is a high-tech enterprise in Sichuan province. It can annually produce over 12000 tons of glass fiber yarns with diameters from 3μm to 9μm, over 100 million meters of glass fiber fabrics, 2000 tons of optical glass, and over 300 tons of copper clad laminate. These products are widely used in electronics, electrical, environmental protection, construction, aerospace, defense military and other industry departments.

        In recently, the company has achieved much technological innovations. It has formed the electrical insulation fabrics series, the high-grade electronic glass fiber fabric series, D glass fiber cloth series, and special glass fiber cloth series, which fixed the foundation of company product and structure upgrade.

        The company is building the Sichuan Fiber Glass Industrial Park to form production base of electrical and electronic glass fiber products and will realize one billion of sales income.